CarpenterDev offers excellent value on products and services. We are focused on developing electro-mechanical products, and Distributed Ledger Technology services.

We fully support our product lines and are always eager to help end-users understand and solve problems with our products and services.

Our Product Lines:

Wireless AirData System™ a general aviation system of components that includes our FAA certified Aircraft Device Cradle™, our line of HighTop™ and LowTop™ cases that fit in the cradle, and our Sensor Pak™ that fits in the HighTop case and transmits true air data parameters over Bluetooth® to 3rd party hand-helds including iPad®, Android® and EFIS devices.

TangleMyData™ a web app for securely storing data, and working with IOTA's Tangle™

3D Mechanical CAD Services for the local Island and Skagit County communities.
CarpenterDev 3rd Party relationships include: