Pilot & Owner Survey Results
Welcome to the airplane pilot & owner survey results page!

We conducted a survey between January 1 and June 30, 2014 to help us determine which features airplane pilots and owners feel would be useful on aviation handhelds. The survey was publicized at the AOPA Foundation's Air Safety Institute Spring Seminar Series, reaching an audience of approximately 13,000 pilots and owners, representing a broad cross section of the GA community in the US (see respondent map on right). The survey has ended - we received over 1,000 submissions, which is an excellent response rate!

If you participated in the survey – first off, THANKS, we appreciate your help – secondly, we have contacted all the winners of the five Apple® iPad Minis. As winners send us their names and addresses we will update our news page. Also, be sure to scroll to bottom of this page to make sure the companies, whose products you buy, hear you. Please tweet them so they know how important these features are to you. To see the list of winners, click here.
Why a Survey?
Our product lines include the FAA certified Aircraft Device Cradle, and the Wireless AirData System (WADS) – which you can learn about here.

As an OEM we do not sell our products to end-users, such as pilots and owners. Instead, we depend on companies, that do sell pilot and owner products, to integrate our products into theirs. The survey data is meant to assist our prospective customers in deciding whether integrating our products with theirs makes good business sense.

If you produce handhelds and apps that the GA community uses, then you will likely find your customers represented in the survey results. We hope you will pay close attention to their needs. As you know, our GA community is small, and it is difficult to gauge. Our survey attempts to give users a voice in affecting the availability of products that have the potential for improving their safety and pleasure.

To better understand the importance of the features that our products can offer the GA community, please watch the short video on the right and ask yourself if it isn’t time that the GA community has easy access to displays of DA, AoA and TAS?
Survey Results Summary
The survey results are fairly clear – pilots and owners want the features that our cradle and WADS can provide. As you study the results, which you can view by clicking the pie chart, you’ll see that the handheld devices and apps that pilots use are those that we’ve been hearing and reading about in the GA media, and the percentages of usage are essentially what we’d expect. It’s fairly obvious that DA, AoA and TAS are wanted – we all know their importance for safe flight. Also, some owners still don’t have wing tip strobes, and would likely see the cradle as offering a lower-cost path to adding them. One fun feature that some pilots would like is wing tip cameras – we offer about the only way of attaching them, at this time, with our adhesive mounted cradle.

We've also produced a Prezi that walks through the results. It's geared towards handheld and app manufacturers, but pilots and owners should also find it useful. Click Start Prezi on the right.
Call to Action
Pilots and Owners – you’ve spoken loud and clear, and we hear you but whether these features become available is up to the companies that you buy your handhelds and apps from. Let them know you want them to update their products with the features that you consider valuable.

Today, tweeting is one of the most effective ways of communicating with companies. So, we make it easy for you to make your intentions known by providing you these Twitter buttons tailored to most of the companies mentioned in the survey. When you click the buttons you’ll be directed to the Twitter login page – login as normal and send your tweets. If you don't have an account, it's quick and easy to signup.

We include some tweet text, but feel free to add your own. You can tweet as many of the companies as you’d like.
 AOPA FlyQ Software
 Dynon Avionics
 Garmin GPSMAP
 iFly GPS
 Sporty’s Pilot Shop
 WingX Software
 XM Weather
Thanks very much for helping us spread the word. If you have any questions or comments, please tweet or email us.